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We pledge to give you our finest service. Workdayz by Saraogi is here to create the best for you.


Shri Rajkumar Jain Established Saraogi Traders As A Reputable Mill Fabrics Agency.


The Visionary of the Next Generation Shri Lalit Kumar Jain extended the company


No Fear is a shirt brand that Shri Anil Kumar Jain introduced to the market Entry Into the Global Market.


The "Workdayz" brand for uniform clothing and "Shreetex" for uniform fabrics are introduced by Shri Sunil Kumar Jain.


Shri Avinash Saraogi, a member of the younger generation and the founder's grandson, had joined the company in new directions.


Modern Manufacturing Facilities Installed at Nerkundam, Chennai

Our Story

Made with care and style

Channeling the spirit of India, we create cuts and silhouettes keeping the Asian culture and preference in mind.


Workdayz by Saraogi is the go-to Indian uniform brand for classic style with a coastal twist glazed with every ounce of quality.


Welcome to the first uniform company that creates items for everyone, by everyone, that is AI-driven, inclusive of all sizes, and sustainable.

Perfect Fit

Welcome to the first uniform company that creates uniforms for everyone, and gives pin-sharp attention to detail curating amazing fits with finesse, inclusive of all sizes, and sustainable.


Why Choose Us

Classic Quality

The quality of uniforms is another factor that can be included in the list of current design trends.

The level of clothing quality, particularly in uniforms, is the factor that can elevate the perception of modernity. A uniform will be in greater demand on the market if it provides the most recent quality required by the surroundings. The quality of uniform designs has become the newest fashion and we at Saraogi strive for perfection to provide you with the best quality in stitches, fabric and trims.

"We Believe in Quality"

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What you wear matters... We know why

Our fully functional service provides businesses with uniforms that enhance employee productivity, performance, and brand image. Workdayz by Saraogi does a full inspection of the order, to ensure the precision of all uniforms for every member of staff.

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We do it Simple and hassle-free

You can be confident that we are focused on getting it right the first time since we go to great measures to understand the science of designing the ideal uniform for your business. To make your idea for your uniform a reality, our staff will collaborate with you. We will examine the options based on your brief to come up with the best solution.

"Put simply, we help people look smarter, feel smarter and work smarter"

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