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Designed for smooth workflow and maximum capacity production, the garment unit has speciality sections to handle each step systematically and effectively in the manufacturing process.

Cutting Section

This section has the latest machines manned by experienced cutting masters. The latest methods and systems are used for pattern making as well as grading. All cutting is done in blocks, refolded and re-cut to get perfect matching.

Labeling & Grouping

Automatic production handling systems are used to reduce manual operation and increase productivity while helping in better tracking of garments. Unique number codes are given according to the sizes to each part for tracking efficiency. This increases the production sleekness and accountability.

Fusing Section

Collar fusing is done using hi-tech machines in this section and later collars and cuffs are stitched using templates for consistency in shape.

Sewing Section

There are four sewing lines and they are marked in pairs to undertake sewing of shirts and tops in one pair and trousers and all kinds of bottoms in the other pair. Constant in-line checks make sure the products coming out are meeting the required specifications.

Quality Check & Packaging

Each independent finishing area is verified by the QC department. Each and every piece of garment or uniform is thoroughly checked for quality parameters before being packed.

Finest Manufacturing Facility

At Workdayz by Saraogi wide range of products are produced regularly in enormous quantities. We make sure that every item leaving the factory carries the irremovable seal of Saraogi assurance of confidence and quality.